There are several more out there as I continue to grow, and for me and Ive heard from experts that some fans like want to discover things on their own…(easter eggs). So for that benefit the eggs WILL be out there. Have fun.

Some of my favorite websits that I surf style hangin ten

I enjoy watching my artists on you tube probably the most live in the radio shows and solo such as Rome, Jason Mraz, Dirty Heads, and my channel shows all my history which I think cool. Full concerts as well, a couple inparticular are Mr. Bungle at Bizarre Festival (unbelievable) and Jason Mraz Chicago DVD Beautiful Mess is completely ridiculous, Live Pepper, and instrumentals from both Umphreys McGee and Disco Biscuits (not a big fan of the singing). I opened for this guy Michael Kelsey (any) I garuntee youll be stumped and then heavily inspired. Hendrix, Bradley, Layne, Jerry, Brown, Cash, I miss yall and thanks forever.

Deep Sexy House with Breakbeat and Progession and K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stoopid) – ANY

Never forget Tomarrow’s Bad Seeds because just great songwriting and good catchy singing. i mean good. All albums, songs, and acoustic lives.

Check out anything on Manipulation, Blackmail, Leverage, and other wickedness.

Read or I suggest. The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

Ive been studying the whole SEO world and I do believe its important, same with branding and all the little different things I/we can do to drive traffic to our sites etc. However, I also strongly believe that just patiently growing and cultivating is still the best. From relationships all the way through the business everyday needs. Overnight growth is possible but i can look funny even at a lower level. Character still beats SEO.
SEO Quake, Add this, there are many.

Here’s one/two that might shock you a bit.

Desiring God a blog site by John Piper and friends.
The Gospel Collective

Your Soul.



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