7 Tips for Successful Recording A Guest Post by Astral Plane Studios

7 Tips for Successful Recording
A Guest Post by Astral Plane Studios

I figured since I see so many posts from others involving tips, it’s time to share my own. These tips are directed at working within a professional studio with a professional engineer.
So here are my 7 tips for recording:

1. Be at least 30 minutes early to the session Punctuality is very important in the music business, specifically in the case of a studio and engineer. Remember that there are others scheduled to record as well, so be mindful of this fact, the quicker everything begins on time, the smoother the sessions go and less mistakes are made meaning you won’t take up anyone’s time slot. This is also important for setting up big sessions. The faster everything is set up, the quicker you can begin and you save more in the long run.

2. Work out interpersonal issues before recording All bands have interpersonal issues, from playing issues to personal issues and differences between members, make sure to at least agree that the focus is on the studio and the album or song at this point. Should anything occur during tracking that you might want to bicker on, save it for the breaks and after the day or few hours are over. Bickering takes up valuable studio time.

3. Realize that there is such a thing as studio etiquette Studios have their own rules and etiquette. It’s similar to school but a bit more lax. No running in a studio, no tampering with gear, no smoking inside, etc. Gear is very delicate, especially vintage units, they’re sensitive to even smoke particles and are generally very expensive. Do some allow this though? Yes, but in a lounge area.

4. Come prepared with replacement strings and sticks Guitarists, it happens, strings pop! Especially if you’re shredding up a storm on some 9s. Bring a few packs of replacements to stay in tune and take care of popped strings. Drummers, the same, stick flying and sometimes a cracked cymbal, bring replacement sticks and make sure your cymbals are OK before tracking.

5. Don’t stop when you mess up If you’re tracking as a group (live style) and someone who isn’t a rhythm player makes a mistake, keep playing! Why? Because you can overdub the small mistakes and keep all the great playing you were doing before. A lot of those who are new to recording want to stop entirely and begin from the top, this wastes time. If it’s a minute into the song, sure, but 3 minutes? Keep going just as you would if you messed up playing a show. This rule doesn’t applys to rhythm players when tracking individually however ;). (stay in time!)

6. Listen to your producer/engineer During tracking, it’s common for some quick changes to be made, generally simple things such as pick attack, fills and other things along those lines to get a particular feel and play it back to see how everyone feels, sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t, just try it and remember that collaboration is key. Generally the suggestion will be of benefit to the song.

7. Have fun In the end, remember that while you’re highly focused like this, there’s still room for fun, especially when funny stuff happens (like very obvious flubs and slip ups). There is always time for laughter in the studio. It keeps spirits high and lessens nervousness, in fact use your nervousness to your advantage and mess up for 10-15 minutes during set up before real tracking begins. Get it all out of you and turn into jelly to perform your best and make those songs rock!

Astral Plane Studios (APS) is a sound production service located in Temple, TX dedicated to professional audio production ― created by mix engineer Josh Hayward, a graduate of Mediatech Institute in Austin, TX for recording arts and music business.

Josh Hayward was trained amongst the best at Arlyn Studios by those who have worked with Willie Nelson, Prince, Lyle Lovett, The Black Crowes and more. At Astral Plane Studios’, your sonic sculpture is their prime concern. APS offers you peace of mind with data protection and unrivaled creativity in your music


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