Why Vocal Training is Important in Becoming A True Artist

Why Vocal Training is Important in Becoming A True Artist

A Guest Post by Linda Septien of Septien Entertainment

“The sweet spot: that productive, uncomfortable terrain located just beyond our current abilities, where our reach exceeds our grasp. Deep practice is not simply about struggling; it’s about seeking a particular struggle, which involves a cycle of distinct actions.”

-Daniel Coyle

My biggest struggle with teaching singers to perfect their talent, is to get them to focus on a plan to practice….not just random practice…most want to go just singing songs…that’s the fun part, much like playing a game in sports, but what makes you really separate into one of the automatic best, is deep controlled and predicted practice. A good coach can identify the weaknesses in her student, give accurate measure of targeting and strengthening those areas and then train the artist to discipline themselves to become partners with those repeated actions.

Addicted to Vocal Training

I tell my students that vocal training is much like going on a diet. You haven’t earned the right to eat the easy stuff until you have fasted on the difficult stuff. Although it may not be fun to do vocal gymnastics twice a day, I usually see a shift about 6 months into the program and the student actual becomes a bit obsessed with practicing. Once they grasp a taste of improvement in their voices and can actually feel what they couldn’t do before, they get somewhat addicted to just how hard they can push their bodies to the next level. Once I can get them there, I know I have got an artist on my hands and we move forward at a great speed.

Becoming a True Artist

To become a true artist, you have to be automatic on stage so that you can be creative in your delivery of the song. If your body and staging is not at ease, you have too many factors with which to struggle. A performer needs airplane hours, tens of thousands of performances in front of staring faces so that all that remains is the unknown…which is the creative part. And I describe the unknown as the deliver of a beautiful song from a well honed vocal instrument.

What do Demi Lovato, Forever The Sickest Kids, Beyonce, Jessica Simpson,Selena Gomez,Cody Lindley and Nick Lachey have in common?  All of these performers, along with stars from Glee, Disney and well-known movies and tv shows, have studied with Linda Septien at Septien Entertainment’s School of Contemporary Music.  For 25 years they’ve helped countless artists define their style and perfect their craft. 


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