This is a subject we haven’t really discussed yet.   Did I mention my guitar (the one with all the stickers on it), is the on sale “Meastro” made by Gibson, that sells for $79-$99 at Walmart or Best Buy?

I’m ok with that, um and Laptop(which is in the pawnshop). And my presonus recording interface, well that’s my gear.  Oh yeah and I don’t have a case for my guitar, and I’ve glued it back together numerous times.  
     Luckily I was taught about material possessions by the best in the heavens.   I would love nice gear and pedals, and PA again, but the sacrifice for my kids, or for a trip to Nashville etc.   Is usually worth it.  
I’m actually writing a song about ….good things take time. So wait.  Its worth it.  Trust and believe.

Check out the following article by JJ Rocks.

Musically Speaking: Footprints
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JJ Rocks Article # 169: Footprints
Just last week after a show that I played, someone said to me “what are you doing on this island”? And then the person moved their hands in a gesture resembling a guitar player and said “you should be out there somewhere playing, not here”. This has always baffled me. Why do most people think that everyone that plays music has the same dreams? And why does everyone think that fame, fortune, or both define success? I have my own dreams and my own goals to reach and none of them have to do with fame or fortune. All I want to do is leave footprints.

I have many friends who are always talking about money. And the funny thing is that most of the material pleasures in their lives are really owned by the bank. Many of them are constantly borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, as their lives are consumed by money seeking adventures. But what I can’t figure out is the reasons for wanting more money than they actually need. Maybe money fills the holes in their lives that can’t be filled by their own natural talents. Because the way I see it is that money has two purposes. One is to pay life’s basic expenses like housing, food, occupational tools, transportation, and a few creature comforts. The other (and this is the part that I can’t figure out) is to buy things to show off to your friends and look cool. I would make a bet that with many people, most of the time spent dreaming about driving a super car is more about being seen by their friends driving it. So maybe the second purpose for money is to feed the ego. Think about it, just how much money doe’s one person need?

After I pay my basic expenses I’m only concerned with leaving some kind of footprints to show that I was here hundreds of years from now. And as you look back in history most of the great footprints left by man were not made by money or his material possessions. They were left by doing something for other people that money just can’t buy. For example think of the great artist and composers throughout history that will live forever in our hearts. Now think of how much money that they made. As you can see, the two just don’t seem to go together. But I guess there are a few people who don’t understand this concept and still wonder how much money “that guy” got paid for painting the Mona Lisa.

But just because some people in history made very large footprints doesn’t mean that the small ones are any less important. For instance you might see your neighbor with a shovel in his hand that is digging holes for fence post and offer to help him. And after the job is done every time you drive by his house you know that you will always be remembered. But then again there is always the money mined person whose answer would be “wouldn’t it be better if I just paid someone to put up his fence”? Well, I guess the person who has to ask that question doesn’t understand the concept that I’m talking about.

I know that at least for me, leaving an impression in someone’s life by giving them something that a high price can’t buy is more important than being remembered because of a hit record or being wealthy. Now of course there is always going to be some moron out there that is thinking that I don’t have the ability to make a lot of money or be famous and that’s why I’m writing this article. People wouldn’t be asking me what I am doing on a tiny island and why aren’t I “out there” making it if I didn’t have the ability to do so (not to mention being a former producer and having some of the biggest music connections in the business).

My goals are about leaving impressions with my music and not worry about selling it, getting independent bands to be noticed through my website and music connections, helping as many people as I can learn music with my unique teaching system so they can pass my teachings along to others, and most of all having people say ‘man, that guy could really play”. What kind of footprints are you going to leave?
– JJ Rocks, St. Croix, Virgin Islands



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