This week has been

This week has been super tough for me to cope after getting fired for the first time in my life.  My work history has always been really good until this year.   With the divorce and the constant pursuit of music career I’ve been focused relentlessly on that and my last few employers have even told me so. “You seem to be focusing your attention on something else…”.   I’m sorry to those employers, I’m sorry for focusing my attention elsewhere but im not sorry for chasing HOPE. I believe I mentioned this quote before on my blog….”Chase your own dreams, or get hired to chase someone elses.”-???? 
Now if that ain’t the truth I don’t know what is.


Thanks to Trulife Trujillo for the Photography.


About D-Bone

singer songwriter for 20+ years, over 25 recorded albums, and performed over 1000+ shows from 1993 till still. New album coming out soon, and updates regularly. I'm 39 and a starving but happy "living my dream" musician/artist.
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