Ah sh.!,? Here comes the bad news

Well, life has it’s cycles doesn’t it. This month many good things have happened but in order for those to happen a balance has to be made I guess. Here comes the bad news. I am unfortunate to have to say that once again my rent isn’t paid because of some dumb situations that have recently taken place. At one time I had the money, but I spent some of it on normal things like food, my Xcel bill, my sons phone bill, my phone, and so on thinking that it would somehow get fixed, and I’m really trying to hang on but my nerves are shot and it’s effecting my creativity for sure. It’s hard to focus with that burden upon my head. Sh,!,?&. Dang it this sucks. As time draws closer to eviction status I’ve got some other important bills to pay, and I have to pay them too, priorities, priorities.

I could sure use a beneficiary right about now. Hello investors….keep dreaming.



About D-Bone

singer songwriter for 20+ years, over 25 recorded albums, and performed over 1000+ shows from 1993 till still. New album coming out soon, and updates regularly. I'm 39 and a starving but happy "living my dream" musician/artist.
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