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How Artists Can Unlock Their Creative Potential

How Artists Can Unlock Their Creative Potential

A Guest Post By Mervin Romario

It feels very terrible when you’re running out of idea’s. This often happens to creative people such as a musician, photographer or a graphic designer.

It SUCKS when you don’t have inspiration. Your creative juice aren’t flowing anymore! It’s a pity because you are missing a lot of opportunities out there.

You don’t have to worry anymore. Because I got the solution for you, I stumbled upon a research where creative people can unlock their creative potential.

This technique was discovered in 1839 by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Science has proven that this technique will get you more out of your artistic skills.

This technique will:

Increase your creativity

Relieve stress

Getting idea’s & inspiration quickly

Increase your intelligence and mental abilities

Let you experience more joy and happiness

Get your creative juice flowing

Solve problems quickly

It’s all about binaural beats!

Binaural beats are sounds designed to put your brain in the same state as when you are meditating.

It can be very difficult when meditation is new to you. Because it’s hard to put your mind on focus. With binaural beats you can be in a meditative state easily and quickly.

Each of your ear receives different frequency. For example, if the left ear is presented of 100 hz and the right ear of 107 hz. Your brain will hear a third frequency pulsing at 7 hz. That’s the exact difference between the two frequency

When you’re in the meditative state, you will generate more creative ideas. All the greatest genius such as Jimi Hendrix, Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci and Steve Jobs got their fantastic ideas in that state.

How to use it?

Just sit and relax on a comfortable place. It’s important that you listen the binaural beats with headphones. Because the beat themselves are created in your brain. Each ear receives different frequency at the same time.

When you listen to the sound, focus your attention on the music. And avoid any task that are mentally demanding. Because you can get out of the meditative state.

The binaural beats can lead you to different states:

Alpha state: In this state you are relaxed. Creative energy begins to flow easily. You will experience less fear.

Theta state: Theta is ideal for super learning, re-programming your mind.

Delta state: In this state you will be in deep sleep. Information will flow to your conscious mind for clearing and for empowerment.

It requires about 7 minutes for the brain to fall in sync. So give yourself some time to experience the benefits of binaural beats.

You can download your free binaural beats here. There are two kind of binaural beats in the package. You will get one binaural beat for the alpha state and the other for the theta state. The duration of each binaural beat is 30 minutes.

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