The big YES (when pitching a song)

This is a great little article I found. This Brent has some really solid material, and I have learned a lot from his blog.
Check this one out… -Dbone

the Big YES

Brent is a hit songwriter with cuts by Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Lady Antebellum, Joe Nichols, Gord Bamford, Ray Stevens, and more. He’s written a top 5 hit in the US and a #1 in Canada… so far.

When pitching a song, there is a “Little Yes” and a “Big Yes.” The Little Yes is a person who only has the power to pass your song up the ladder. The Big Yes is one of those very few people on a project who actually decides what gets cut.

Don’t just assume that the artist is always the Big Yes. If he’s brand new, the producer or the head of A&R might be the Big Yes. If you’re pitching for a specific project, don’t be satisfied with just pitching to the Little Yes. Try to identify the Big Yes. After all, a Little Yes can’t really say “yes,” but they can say “no.”

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Brent’s Twitter: @Razorbaxter

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