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D-Bone “Conspiracy EP”

     D-Bone is the name he goes by, his real name you will also find is part of his Conspiracy.  Dusty “D-Bone” Giles is finally releasing a short album he recorded in 2013 to the public on an international scale.   This release which includes three songs including the hit single “Love A Woman” will be available on itunes, spotify, amazon, muve music, and all the rest of the stores.  There will also be a limited edition vinyl available soon.  The EP comes out on Tuesday January 28th 2014, and the “Conspiracy” is the secret to D-Bone’s roadmap.  For 20 years now Dusty D-Bone has been writing, performing, and producing his own material and just recently within the last probably 2 years has really come into his own.  “I’ve really wanted to just hone my craft and get to that point where I’m industry ready.”  D-Bone says.  We also asked him about the conspiracy and he answered, “Like all Conspiracies, there is some truth but there is also an element of deception involved because it acts as a decoy to what’s really happening or going to happen.”  He also mentioned, “This conspiracy involves our souls and the choices we make….”

D-Bone “Conspiracy EP”

Dusty Giles



About D-Bone

singer songwriter for 20+ years, over 25 recorded albums, and performed over 1000+ shows from 1993 till still. New album coming out soon, and updates regularly. I'm 39 and a starving but happy "living my dream" musician/artist.
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