Being positive can change your day.


I’ve learned a lot over the years but probably the one thing i be learned the most is an ability to be positive in a world that isn’t and doesn’t want you to be.   Yes, I said it.  This world doesn’t want us to be happy, content, or optimistic.   Bur rather losing to all the negative influences is what it wants from us.   To give in and give up.  Do you know what I said to that.   I don’t care what the world thinks,  because it doesn’t think.   Its a creation like you and me.  The Creator is more than its creations…..

hey thanks, I owe you one.
Be blessed, Dbone.


About D-Bone

singer songwriter for 20+ years, over 25 recorded albums, and performed over 1000+ shows from 1993 till still. New album coming out soon, and updates regularly. I'm 39 and a starving but happy "living my dream" musician/artist.
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