Gotta work overtime

I have to work practically round the clock nowadays as I recently started working a “JOB” again. I say that but there is, I believe more upsides to working because I will,
a. eat better
b. have more gas in my car
c. more $ for so many things
d. for my kids (actually should be a)
e. less financial stress
f. more entertainment such as…movies, and Slurpee’s
g. my parents are happier
h. hell, I could probably go on and on….

i. just need to clarify – I’m not pursuing a dream anymore with the music and all that.

I’M LIVING IT NOW, and what a difference. Whew…no it’s a paradigm shift in thought,BUT IT’S VERY TRUE.

Which reminds me, I have so many avenues that I work from I have to stay fresh and that means working bright and early.
Gotta keep working….there’s some *NEW sounds on Sound clouduca wing copy Today, I hope you enjoy.


About D-Bone

singer songwriter for 20+ years, over 25 recorded albums, and performed over 1000+ shows from 1993 till still. New album coming out soon, and updates regularly. I'm 39 and a starving but happy "living my dream" musician/artist.
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